“The catering provided by Cooking by Jessica was amazing. Jessica went above and beyond to provide the best service and food. She was extremely (and quickly) responsive to all of our requests and very accommodating. All of our guests raved about her food. I would recommend her very highly and will seek her services for our next get together.” – Lauren

“As an event planner, I truly enjoy working with Cooking by Jessica. I feel that compared to other caterers, Chef Jessica is truly focused on and flexible in delivering a menu that meets the needs of the client, not just limiting the client’s options to what is on some pre-set menu like some other caterers do. Additionally, the portions she provides are generous and well priced, leaving room in a client’s budget for other fun add-ons beyond the food. Chef Jessica is prompt, professional and positively great to work with, and she always delivers delicious dishes!” – Michelle, Owner of Michelle Makes Memories


“I want to give Cooking by Jessica 5 out of 5 stars!!!  My daughters surprised me with this wonderful christmas gift, having a chef come and cook a meal.  She was prompt, friendly, let me annoy her with questions while she was cooking.  The food was out of this world especially the roasted cauliflower with blistered tomatoes and roasted garlic.  My main course was fresh fettuccine with ricotta, mixed mushrooms and toasted walnuts.  Her homemade balsamic vinaigrette was amazing.  We loved that she made so much food that we had enough leftover the next day for lunch.  I cannot complete this amazing review without mentioning the dessert – my favorite part of every meal.  I love “black and white” cookies, she made a “black and white” cake.  Jessica left my kitchen cleaner than it was when she came in.  I would love to have her back!!!” – Samantha

“Chef Jessica created an amazing menu. She is extremely knowledgeable about procedures and her level of instruction is both conducive to the learner while creating a fun and open learning environment. She builds a rapport with the client that makes them feel comfortable to ask questions and utilize their new skills without being nervous or feeling intimidated. Her personality is extremely engaging and became an invaluable asset through the one on one cooking class. I worked with Chef Jessica to customize a menu that turned out to be well balanced and most of all delicious. This was a birthday gift and the recipient was so thrilled by the experience and it among the best birthday gifts ever received!” – Jamine



“Jessica is a creative, ambitious, and passionate chef. Her attention to detail is inspiring. Her recipes are not only a meal, but an experience. Her cooking reminded me of Sunday dinners at my grandmother’s house; comfort and perfection. Jessica cooked a special meal for me and my boyfriend during the holidays. As soon as we walked into my apartment the aromas of unique spices filled the air. Our roasted chicken was cooked to perfection and we could not have been more delighted with the appetizers and side dishes. Jessica’s talents exceeded all of my expectations. I recommend her without hesitation. I will be using her to create experiences for future dinner parties for years to come! Thank you Jessica!” – Erica



“I absolutely love Jessica’s cooking. I’m a picky eater and rarely try new foods, but Jessica’s cooking has opened my mind and taste buds. I’ve never eaten pork chops until Jessica made them for me. They were full of flavor and cooked to perfection.” – Sharon



“Chef Jessica has changed my life. As a single working mother dinner was the biggest stress in my life. Figuring out how to get a balanced meal on the table each night and juggling school, work, homework, activities, etc. was overwhelming. Now I have a stocked fridge each week full of meals already prepped that require minimum work to heat up and quickly get on the table for my daughter and I when I get home in the evening. The meals are healthy every night and I spend way less than I did at the store and on take out meals when there was no time to cook. Jessica checks with me each week and we plan the weekly menu together. She’s always professional and takes mine and my daughters likes and dislikes into account. It is all prepared, labeled, and ready to heat. Amazing! I’m also planning to have her cook for an upcoming dinner party I’m hosting and can’t wait to see what she will prepare! My only regret is that I didn’t discover her years ago! #lifesaver” – Jennifer


“Chef Jessica’s food is like that home cooked meal your mom makes when you go home for the weekend. It is so good, you just have to have seconds!!” – Kyle



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